The management team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. This team comprises of seasoned personnel with proven records, and is headed by Kimberly Hayensworth, the founder and incorporator. She is the driving force behind the formation of this organization. With over 17 years of first-hand experience in domestic violence and substance abuse, she is armed with the live experience of how both parents were both killed as a result of this very real issue. She received certificate for counseling in domestic violence and anger management in 1999, and for the past approximately 10 years, participated in group training and presentation for domestic violence and anger management in local nonprofit agencies and churches. Also with 20 years experience in business administration support extending to: supervising, accounting, computer operation, data entry, excel spreadsheet and advance MS software applications, she is well positioned to lead the organization to success.

Kimberly Haynesworth

 is the President/CEO of the organization. She is also the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.
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Other members of VOA's team include:
                   All current volunteer members are:
Shalon Huff - Team Management Coordinator/ Grant Writer
Keairra Ragin -Team Management- Executive Assistant
Boley Stewart - Board of Director /Case Manager
Melinda Ferguson - Board of Director
Maragert Rosas- VP Board of Director
Lydia Hernandez- Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Lydia Mayer - Officers Marketing
Lisa Cook -Officer

As VOA's plans are underway to bring on board additional members with a view to expanding the management team.
To  reach any of our team members or inquire about being
a part of our team, please refer to the contact page.

Desired Key Partners:
The key partners in achieving our goals would include hospitals, courts, mental health (MH), substance abuse (SA), faith communities, social security (SS), and attorneys who identify victims of domestic violence and must refer them to domestic violence agencies. Victims of domestic violence must also share information through the word of mouth in the community or through religious congregations and assistance associations.