Welcome To Vera's Open Arms!

     Vera’s Open Arms, V.O.A., is a start up non-profit organization with a 501(C) 3 status. VOA is located in the County of San Bernardino in the State of California, USA. The organization was founded by Kimberly Haynesworth who has both the practical experience and the education to lead the organization. The overall mission of Vera's Open Arms,  is to provide comprehensive assistance to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. VOA will provide and manage the living environment, food, education and other basic living necessities for the residents who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

THE SERVICES and programs that we offer are counseling that focuses on designing safety plans for the women by identifying whom to call for help, making copies of their important documents and having extra sets of keys in case of emergencies. Long term self sufficiency plans will put into place so as to develop job search skills in order to attain financial independence. This will help women with children to start to put their lives and that of their family together.
PROGRAMS here at VOA are designed to educate and empower women concerning the dangers and repercussions of living with domestic violence, drugs and substances abuse. Parenting skills is an integral part of the programs as well. Other program activities consist of: adult education in financial literacy as well fast track Back to Work programs are available for those that would like to receive (A Train and Hire Job Readiness Platform). Referrals and resources for childcare and basic life skills training are also
                                part of the program.